Information Security

As enterprises grow, so does the requirement for global information exchange amongst employees, suppliers, partners and customers. However, as this information becomes more broadly distributed, threats to confidentiality integrity and availability of this information increase exponentially.

IT Security, Audit & Compliance

We offer a variety of services that help organizations of all types and sizes to address security, achieve and maintain compliance by identifying risk and helping to mitigate against it.
To prevent your organization from possible breaches and reinforce existing security controls against a skilled attacker, ITL can help you with the complete list below of IT security, audit & compliance:

Risk Management

Risk Management provides a thorough assessment of the risks on your environment by our information assurance experts who build and deliver a comprehensive package. The Risk Management Service includes all the required documentation and reports detailing the system/application and assessment results. It is prepared in accordance with agency needs, applicable standards such as NIST or DIACAP and best practices.
The ITL Information Assurance Team consists of IT security experts, many of whom are Certified Security Professionals (e.g., CISSP, CRISC) as well as certified IT product specialists. Our senior project leaders have been working in the information assurance industry since its inception.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing assesses the security risks exposed by computer systems operating on a network focusing on identifying vulnerabilities, level of damage that a rough device can cause once introduced into the organization’s network. A result of doing this testing regularly is to:

  • Provides a detailed analysis of infrastructure security.
  • Delivers a safe, quality service by a security professional.
  • Conducts real-life demonstrations of covert and hostile activities typical of malicious attackers” attempts to compromise perimeter devices and security controls.
  • Provides a detailed impact analysis of the demonstrated attacks.
  • Prioritizes the discovered risks and defines immediate actionable items to improve security posture.
Custom Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Naturally, an intruder won’t spend months trying to force a well-locked door, but will look for weak points and vulnerabilities in those information systems where security isn’t a priority. Thus you have to identify vulnerabilities before they become harmful breeches.

Web Application Security Testing

Security holes in web applications and websites can allow an attacker to gain full control of the web server and penetrate deeper into the network but having this testing will let our consultants perform the assessment using manual and automated tools to defend against cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment can quickly scan all of your organizations internal and external hosts and determine if there are vulnerabilities that could impact the security of your information, before they become threats. This can deliver adequate mitigation recommendations for the identified vulnerability that will give you the confidence as your information in safe.
ITL offers Comprehensive life cycle-based approach toward vulnerability assessment with the following features:

  • Cloud-based scanning service for large and small businesses that need to implement vulnerability scanning to comply with internal policies or external mandates and be proactive in securing their Infrastructure against increasing threats.
  • Reduces false positives and provides prioritized remediation steps and data to help you more effectively manage risk and reduce threat exposures.
  • Reporting is detailed and customized. Scan results can be analyzed on a per scan or an aggregate data set to accurately report current security posture.
Data Exfiltration Assessment

Most malware will gather some data from the infected machine and send it to the attacker’s controlled server. If this communication channel is not encrypted or it sends the data in plain text, then it becomes trivial to understand the intention of the malware and its nature.

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Secure, monitor, protect remote device transactions and recover data remotely with solutions that simplify evolving mobility needs ensuring that it is operating securely from end to end.

Wireless Network Security Assessment

With this assessment, you’re figuring out what your wireless network looks like to the outside world on the Internet and by regularly performing a vulnerability assessment on your wireless network, you can identify and close any security holes before a hacker can slip through them.

Source Code Security Analysis

Source Code Security Analysis are designed to analyze source code and/or compiled versions of code to help find security flaws.

VOIP Infrastructure Security Assessment

Security mechanisms can be implemented into service provider VoIP networks at multiple levels—protecting against the cyber-threats after the intelligent assessment of customized and perfected ethical hacking.

Compliance / Baseline Security Assessment

It helps organizations assess compliance with existing security standard / benchmarks by identifying security gaps at different technology layers through white box evaluation (CIS, PCI, DSS, HIPAA, SANS ..etc) We have developed a broad range of expertise and experience that can provide the following services:

  • Perform compliance with industry laws and codes assessments
  • Perform security compliance assessments
  • Ensure security policies and practices comply with relevant regulatory authorities
  • Provide guidance and assistance in relevant compliance issues
  • Develop policies/guidelines and checklists for adherence to regulatory requirements or to
    address risk issues.
Policy Development & Training

Policy making is a mandated responsibility of any organization. Developing and maintaining effective policies that compromise both local and federal laws is a difficult task. Our staff has expertise in various areas of knowledge, standards, and regulations, and we employ our tools and skill-sets to quickly and correctly recommend actionable policies that are specific, realistic, and time-framed.

Our training staff can help your organization’s staff comply to new and existing policies. The training can provide you with the following features:

  • Provides guidance for allocating department resources such as trainers, money, and time
  • Gives a broad direction to training activities
  • Outlines the authority given to the training department, as well as the limits to that authority

Our security professionals team with the latest tools and testing scenarios will deliver a thorough checkup to pinpoint flaws vulnerabilities in systems or applications and will define clearly short, mid and long-term recommendations for End-to-end solutions relying on security challenges, mitigate their risks, and provide a safe, undisrupted, operating business environment.

A honeypot is a computer security mechanism set to detect, deflect or in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. It’s a great idea to be run on internal networks because with all the network problems we have, nobody needs one more machine to administer and worry about.
Honeypot can be deployed in minutes (even on complex networks), giving you all of the benefits without the admin downsides.
Easy to be deployed: It usually takes less than 5 minutes from unboxing, to having the product ready for action on your network. With just a few clicks, you’ll have a high interaction honeypot, and be able to track who’s browsing shares for PDF documents, trying to log into a NAS, or portscanning your network.
Ease of communications: it’s deployed inside your network and communicate with the hosted console through DNS. This means the only network access your product need is a DNS server that’s capable of external queries, which is much less work than configuring border firewall rules for each device.
Highly Secure: Identification will require active interrogation of the devices.
Encryption: It’s the most effective feature here because most organizations are moving to encrypt all their data, either because of security issues or regulations. Not surprisingly, more and more attackers are using encryption as well that blinds any organization of its ability to monitor the network traffic but with a honeypot, it doesn’t matter if an attacker is using encryption; the activity will still be.

A complementary, multi-tiered approach to prevent sensitive data leakage from insider threats using media files.
Security and authentication techniques have contributed much to enhance the various security features and to preserve the intellectual property. It consists of scanning, coding, encryption, reshaping, cover processing and embedding steps. These steps make the information unintelligible so that one cannot extract plain message and its combination results show that the method provides high security and the information is safe from various attacks.